Learn About Residential Awning Windows

Awning windows can make great additions to your home. If you don't already have awning windows, then this article will help you to become more familiar with them. This way, you can decide if you should have one or more of them installed. Here is some basic information on awning windows to help you learn more about them and some of what they offer: 

Qualities of Residential Awning Windows

Residential awning windows are smaller than many other types, and they serve some specific needs that make them a popular choice for certain rooms in many homes. These windows open from the bottom outward. In most cases, you will turn a crank in order to open them as little or as much as you want. 

Energy efficiency

Awning windows are considered to be one of the more energy-efficient types of windows for homes due to the window's design, which offers fewer risks for leaks and a tight seal when the window is closed. Something else great about these windows is you can open them in the rain, and they won't let the rain come inside the way other styles of windows will. This can allow you to let in a bit of fresh air without running your HVAC system during a summer rain. 


The way in which the awning windows open makes them a fantastic choice for places where a window is at a lower height and could be easily broken into. The way in which they open makes them extremely difficult for someone to get through. The person would have to do a lot of damage to get past the window and make plenty of noise in the process, alerting people to an attempted break-in. 

Other advantages

Awning windows that open with a crank located at the bottom of the window can be placed higher and still be easy for you to open and close. 

Awning windows are great for locations where you don't have a lot of space for a window. They can come in very small sizes, but you can open them enough to still let plenty of fresh air come in. They are also nice for those hard-to-reach spaces since you can just reach over and crank them open. 


Another great thing about awning windows is their design makes them less prone to corrosion that would be caused by exposure to the elements because less of the window's hardware is exposed.

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