Own A Rental? 3 Things To Consider When Installing New Windows

A rental property is an investment that can provide income every month. While other investments such as stocks will grow on their own, you can improve the rental to increase profits.

Analyzing the rental to find out what it lacks in features and qualities will help you make strategic changes. For example, old windows that no longer contribute to visual appeal are worth replacing. Focusing on a few details when installing new windows will help you satisfy tenants.

Maximize Airflow

While spending time inside the rental property, you may find that certain rooms or even the entire place has limited airflow. Adding brand-new windows can help you solve this issue, but you need to make sure that you choose areas where airflow is as unobstructed by outside obstacles as possible.

The main obstacles to look for include fences, buildings, and trees. Removing a tree or making a stronger commitment to tree trimming service can help you maximize airflow.

Any window that you can open will allow tenants to bring fresh air into the rental. However, you may want to prioritize casement windows because they excel at getting a nice breeze inside.

Improve Lighting

Bringing in more natural light is an easy way to make your rental more impressive. In many cases, window installation locations that maximize airflow will also bring in ample natural lighting.

Both direct and indirect sunlight is worth getting for your rental property. Indirect light is beneficial throughout the day and should not put much of a glare on televisions and monitors. Direct sunlight is an excellent feature that can bring notable warmth during the colder months.

As a rental property owner, you may want to consider property upkeep when you install windows. Direct sunlight will increase wear and tear to more delicate features. Hardwood and carpet will fade over time, but tile is more resilient to constant sun exposure. With this knowledge, you should feel confident about getting direct sunlight in rooms with tile flooring.

Prioritize Privacy

One of the potential risks of adding more windows is reducing privacy for tenants. Fortunately, you can minimize how much privacy you lose by paying attention to where you install windows.

A great strategy is to stand outside the house where you think a window would fit well. From this perspective, you can learn about how much neighbors, drivers, and pedestrians can see inside.

Be sure to consider these details when installing windows in your rental.  

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