Have You Decided To Enclose Your Patio?

Even though it's still summertime, have you decided that you'll soon turn your outdoor patio into an indoor one? Perhaps you sweltered while you entertained friends and family members outdoors. And, if it rained, maybe you had to all rush inside. Enclosing your patio makes good sense, doesn't it? it just means that you'll be able to use it during any kind of weather. And, you can still set up patio furniture for times you want to be outdoors, anyway. 

Are you looking for ideas as you design the indoor patio? If so, from selecting a theme to arranging for window tinting services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select A Theme - As you plan the decor for your indoor patio, consider the mood you want to set. For example, maybe you will have large windows that will look out to your beautifully landscaped garden. If that's the case, maybe a garden theme would be a good choice. you could select white wicker for the furniture, or you could select regular furniture and use things like flowers and ferns as the upholstery design.

Another idea that would go with an enclosed patio is a beach theme. If you do decide on a beach theme, think of clever ways you could incorporate the beach into the decor. For instance, seashells for the focal point of the upholstery would be a great idea. Think of framing pictures of lighthouses and sailboats, or of your own children building sandcastles or playing n the beach. 

Have Window Tinting - Just as your car is well served by having window tinting, your enclosed patio will also benefit from that service. Besides cutting out the harmful rays of the sun, tinted windows will more than likely help to keep the room cooler on hot summer days and warmer on cold winter days. 

Window tinting is helpful in preserving your room decor, too. For example, it will help things like fabric and artwork from fading. If you have stenciled the walls, window tinting will preserve the true color of the stencils. 

Don't worry about tinted windows for your enclosed patio hampering the view to your beautiful garden. Just like you can easily look out the tinted windows of your car, you'll be able to do the same in your enclosed patio. The bonus is that tinted windows are very affordable and will last for a very long time. Companies like Sundown Window Tinting can help.

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