Why Have Vinyl Windows Become So Popular?

A few decades ago, if you wanted new windows, you would hire a company to make them out of wood. Today, however, wooden windows are really only used for the most historic of structures. Chances are, if you need replacement windows for your home, you will buy ones made from vinyl. Why is this? Why has vinyl become the go-to option for new windows? Actually, there are a few reasons.

Vinyl windows are easy to make.

Machining wooden windows is a very time-consuming and intensive process. The wood has to be cut, shaped, sanded, and finished. This process takes a lot of time, which means that wooden windows are expensive. Vinyl windows are easier to make. They are extruded from plastic in a factory. Hundreds can be made in just a few minutes, using just a few pieces of equipment. Therefore, vinyl windows are much more affordable.

Vinyl windows don't require a lot of maintenance.

People these days are busy. Jobs demand more of their employees, and social obligations only seem to grow. The idea of spending a whole weekend scraping and painting your windows every summer seems preposterous. With vinyl windows, you do not have to do this. The only maintenance the windows require is cleaning, and you can clean them just by wiping them down with a damp cloth.

Vinyl windows have color permanently.

With wooden windows, one challenge is that paint can chip off of them, leaving them looking bare and mottled. The color in vinyl windows extends all the way through the material. There's nothing that will flake or chip. After many years, dark-colored vinyl windows may become somewhat bleached by the sun, but even this change is mild and not a big concern.

Vinyl windows are energy-efficient.

The cost of energy is always rising, and the fossil fuels that are widely used to obtain home energy are declining in abundance. Thus, energy-efficiency is more important than ever. Vinyl windows allow for that efficiency. Vinyl itself is a good insulator; little heat passes through it. It also stays tightly adhered to the glass throughout its lifespan, so air does not seep between the glass and the sash material. 

If you are in the market for replacement windows, vinyl deserves a spot at the top of your list of options. So many people end up with vinyl windows because they are energy-efficient, attractive, low-maintenance, and affordable. You can enjoy these same benefits, too.

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