Why You Need Gutters On Your House

Owning a home can be a lot of work, and while there are things you need to do to keep the home looking great, some of those things also have a purpose that you might not even be aware of. The gutters on your home are one of those things that have a function and can look nice at the same time.

Stopping Water Damage

Water coming off your roof in a rainstorm can impact the ground with a lot of force. In fact, if you look right after a storm, you will see small divots in the ground where the water hits it after it comes off the roof. In some cases, you might even have puddles of water standing along the edge of the house. The problem comes when that water seeps into the soil around the house. Over time, the water can damage the concrete foundation and make its way into your basement. The water can then cause damage inside the house or cause mold problems that can go undetected until there is a problem later. Outside the house, the water hitting the dirt can cause dirt and mud to splatter onto the side of the house and make it look bad. While the siding can be washed, the spatter can start to cause damage to the siding over time.

Damage To Flower Beds And Plants

Along with the problems that the water can cause around the foundation, if you have plants in beds around your home, a heavy rain can result in large volumes of water coming off the roof and hitting the plants below. Not only can the amount of water be too much for the plants, but the water hitting them can damage the leaves and stalks and even wash soil away from the roots. Stopping the water from coming off the roof with such force is all it takes to solve the problem in this case.

Installing Gutters Around The House

There are a lot of gutter options available for your home. From traditional aluminum to PVC plastic, you can choose the gutters that you like best and have them installed or install them yourself. If you go with a professional installation, you might want to consider extruded gutters because they are made as one piece so there are no seams along the side of the house, which helps keep the gutter from developing seam leeks. Along with the gutters, the installer can make your downspouts run out away from the house to avoid water seeping into the ground around the house. In some cases, drains are installed for the downspout to run into and carry the water out to the street or disperse it into gravel under your lawn. ​

For more information, contact local guttering services. 

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