Proactive Ways To Lengthen The Lifespan Of Wood-Framed Windows

Whether they are hand-crafted or commercially made, wood-framed windows are often preferred by homeowners for their aesthetic appeal. When carefully constructed and installed, wood-framed windows can last for decades or even a century or more of use. If you already own a home with wood-framed windows, or are planning to purchase one soon, these care tips can help you protect the functionality, beauty, and condition of your home's wood-framed windows and help to ensure that they will continue to protect it and your family for years to come. 

Prevent moisture-related damage

Humid conditions, as well as weather-related moisture from rain, snow, and ice can all contribute to humidity or moisture levels that can damage wooden surfaces, such as the sills and framing of wood windows. Keeping the exposed wood surfaces protectively coated with paint or sealant is a good plan for protecting them from moisture damage. Additionally, homeowners will want to take further measures to preserve their home's wood window frames, including:  

  • trimming away overgrown hedges and vegetation that may limit healthy air circulation near wood-framed windows 
  • making sure that the home's guttering is in good condition so that it is capable of directing weather-related moisture away from walls where wood-framed windows are located
  • checking wooden window frames and sills frequently for signs of insect damage, cracks, or decay that may allow moisture to penetrate the surface and shorten the lifespan of the window

Performing a quick seasonal visual inspection of your wooden window frames for any condition or maintenance issues is an excellent strategy for making sure that they are protected from moisture damage. 

Clean surfaces to remove damaging substances

Homes that are located in areas where exposure to salt-laden air, residue from air-borne pollutants, or saps and pollen from trees and vegetation can experience faster degradation of wooden surfaces, such as door and window frames and sills. Homeowners can help their homes resist this type of damage by taking time to clean wood surfaces each spring and fall. To do this, use a mild detergent in warm water and a soft cloth, rinsing well with a clean wet cloth or gentle water pressure from a garden hose. 

Homeowners who have additional questions about caring for their wood-framed windows, or those who are in need of repairs or replacement options, should contact a reputable wooden window dealer or installer in their area. These contractors can help repair existing window frames or replace a damaged wood window frame with a new one that will be an excellent match with the remaining windows of the home. 

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