Parent With Stage 5 Alzheimer's Live With You? Tips To Keep Them Safe

If your parent is in stage 5 Alzheimer's, you know they have significant confusion. Because they live in your home, you need to do what you can to keep them safe. Below are some tips on how you can do this so you will not have to worry as much about your parent getting hurt.

Get New Windows

Your parent may try to get out of the home, as Alzheimer's patients sometimes like to wander. If your parent sees something out the window that interests them, this will tempt them to walk out the door. Hearing something outside can do the same thing. If you accidentally left the door unlocked, this would end up in a catastrophe.

You can take care of this problem by installing new windows. Talk with a contractor about soundproof windows. These windows are made with thicker glass making it difficult to hear what is going on outside. Talk to the contractor about privacy windows. These windows have a film that makes it difficult to look outside the window.

This privacy film is also beneficial for you and your family. This is because it reduces the sun's rays from getting into your home, which can cause skin cancer, and can fade your carpeting and furniture.  

Protect Them

Your parent will likely wander throughout your home and may do this more at night. Because of this, keep all floors clear so they will not bump into anything. This may mean removing coffee tables, some furniture, and more. Also, remove any area rugs from wood, laminate, and tile flooring so they do not slip.

Install childproof locks on things like your refrigerator, drawers, and doors. Keep your refrigerator cleaned out for when they do use it. Your parent will not know the difference between good and bad food. For example, if there is any food that has mold on it, your parent could eat it.

In your kitchen, put away small appliances, such as a mixer, sitting on your countertop. Remove the knobs from your stove burners and install a hidden circuit breaker or gas valve to prevent your parent from turning on the stove.

Install nightlights in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways to reduce orientation, especially when they are wandering at night. You can install light switches that are illuminated so they can easily turn the switch on.

Talk with your parent's doctor about other safe tips to keep your parent safe in your home.

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