3 Attractive and Functional Places to Install a Single Stained-Glass Window in Your Home

Stained-glass windows are beautiful works of art that can also carry a large price tag. If you are wanting to use a stained-glass window as a window replacement somewhere in your home, you can use some strategic positioning to get the most bang for your buck by using that one window somewhere the design will enhance the space without taking away from much-needed full natural sunlight.

Here are three attractive and functional places to install a single stained glass window in your home.

Stairwell Window

Do you currently have a small accent window lighting one of the landings on your interior stairs? While some natural light is essential on a stairwell to provide guiding light during the daytime to save energy costs, you likely don't need a ton of light to make your way up and down the stairwell.

A stained-glass window can bring elegance and a wash of color to an otherwise functional but boring location in your home. Wooden staircases in front rooms that guests will see when entering are the perfect place to display an ornate piece of stained glass. But even more hidden Spartan stairwells will benefit from the look of a stained-glass window as well.

Master Bathroom with Natural Light

Does your master bathroom contain an overhead natural light source like a skylight? You could then replace a side window with a stained-glass pane. The stained glass will create a more atmospheric vibe in the room without robbing you of a sole source of natural light.

Depending on the stained-glass pattern, this type of window can also offer an improvement on privacy. You likely won't need to cover the stained glass window on the inside with a curtain or privacy screen the way you would need to cover a regular window.


The mudroom seems like the least fitting match for a stained-glass window. But the mudroom is often a rear entry point of your home, doesn't require much natural light to maintain functionality, and has a current small window that can save you costs on the size of stained glass window you invest in.

The presence of the stained glass window can elevate your mudroom from a cluttered, unremarkable rear entrance to another homey room on par with your front entry areas. If you don't have a mudroom, you can certainly use the stained glass on the front entry door, instead, if you don't mind losing some visibility and natural light.

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