Six Good Reasons To Choose Composite Siding

Engineered siding offers a number of advantages over a plain wooden exterior. For one thing, siding doesn't have to be re-painted or re-stained every few years. In addition, it gives a fresh, uniform look that isn't subject to insect or water damage. Each type of siding has its pros and cons. However, one type of siding you may not have considered, but should, is composite siding. This relatively new product is not only attractive, but versatile and durable, too.

Advantages to choosing composite siding

Composite siding is made from polymers, resin and granulated stone. Although no wood is used to make this product, the finished sheets or individual shingles are given a raised grain to make them appear like wood unless you are directly in front of them.

1. Durability. Composite siding is one of the most durable home exteriors you can choose. Only brick will last longer. The average lifespan of a composite (or engineered wood) siding exterior is around 100 years or longer. (Since this is a rather new product, there is no data yet to support this claim. However, most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties.)

2. Versatility. Composite siding comes in a virtual rainbow of colors and a variety of textures. There's something to suit most any individual taste or style of house.

3. Water and insect resistance. Because there is no wood used to make composite siding, destructive insects like termites or carpenter ants have no interest in this siding. In addition, water glides right off of this product rather than soaking in and causing damage as it can with wooden shingles. 

4. Attractiveness. Composite siding gives any home a sleek, finished look that is pleasing not only to homeowners, but to visitors and potential homebuyers as well. Unlike a wooden exterior that can fade in the sun or be stained by water overflowing the gutters, composite siding is easily cleaned and stain resistant.

5. Low maintenance. In fact, composite siding needs little regular maintenance. It doesn't require painting and the shingles aren't subject to splitting or warping like cedar shingles can be.

6. Fire resistance. Composite siding doesn't burn as wooden exterior will. That can give you and your family valuable extra time to escape your house in the event of a fire.

While composite siding may not be the right choice for every homeowner, this type of siding lasts for years, needs little maintenance, is attractive and coordinates well with most any design or architectural style. For more information, visit websites like

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