2 Windows To Consider To Make Your Home More Comfortable

Replacing your home's windows can be a good opportunity to take advantage of some of the specialty window options available. Specialty window options are available that can help you accomplish everything from making your home more energy efficient to making it harder for people to break into your home. Listed below are two windows types that can help you make your home a bit more comfortable.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproof windows are one of the best options available if you like to keep the interior of your home as quiet as possible. In most cases, a soundproof window will be made out of two panes of glass that have empty space between the panes to attenuate the sound or a single thick layer of glass. These windows can typically make your home more comfortable and be relaxing for you because they can block between 90% and 95% of sound from passing through your windows.

This makes soundproof windows a great way to help block out noisy neighbors or to make living near a very busy highway or intersection much more tolerable. However, you should be aware of the fact that this will only block the noise that comes through your windows, it will not help as much if you have thin walls or poor insulation that are also allowing a lot of exterior noise into your home.

Electrochromic Windows

Another great option for making your home more comfortable is to use electrochromic windows to keep light out of your home. This window option uses glass that will become darker when an electric current is run through it when you manipulate a slider or knob. The glass can go from being completely clear to being so dark that it blocks out 98% of light.

This type of glass will make your home more comfortable because blocking out the sun's rays during the summer can keep your home's interior a few degrees cooler. In addition, the darkest settings are perfect if you need to sleep during the day due to your work or school schedule because it will not allow light into your bedroom to keep you awake. This is a big advantage over blackout curtains and blinds as those options will still often permit some light to leak through the fabric or around the edges. 

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss your window replacement options and which ones he or she would recommend to make your home more comfortable. Soundproof and electrochromic windows are both good choices that can make your home into a more relaxing and comfortable place to unwind. To learn more, contact a store like Gilkey Windows

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