4 Reasons New Windows Should Be At The Top Of Your Home Improvement List

If you just bought an older home, and you're trying to prioritize your updates, you should place your windows at the top of the list. Not only will new windows update the appearance of your home, they'll provide you with benefits you might not have thought of, such as increased security. This is particularly true if the old glass is brittle and easily broken. Here are four reasons you should have the old windows on your new home replaced.

Wasting Money on Energy Bills

Your windows are your first line of defense when it comes to energy efficiency. If your old windows aren't doing their job anymore, they could cause you to waste money on your heating and cooling bills. One way to tell if your old windows are reducing your energy efficiency is to stand in front of them. If you can feel the outside temperature – hot or cold air– radiating through the windows, you should have them replaced.

Windows Are Getting Stuck

You might not realize this but outdated window frames can be a big problem too. As wood ages, it begins to either contract or expand. When that happens, your windows won't fit in the casement properly. As a result, you'll start noticing that your windows don't open and close properly. If you find yourself struggling to open and close the windows, you should consider having them replaced.

All You're Seeing Is Fog

If you're seeing fog every time you look out your windows, it might be due to condensation. Old dual pane windows can develop a layer of condensation between the layers. As a result, you'll see a foggy build-up. Unfortunately, that condensation means that the seal around your windows has deteriorated. Clear up the fog problem and improve your view by replacing your old windows.

Old Windows Are Single-Pane

If your new home has single-pane windows, you should switch to impact-resistant glass. Not only are impact-resistant windows better at keeping the elements out of your home, they're also more secure. Impact-resistant windows provide a layer of protection that can prevent shattering, which is helpful should someone try to break your windows to gain entry.

If you just bought an older home, make sure window replacement is at the top of your home improvement list. For help choosing the right windows for your home, be sure to speak to a window replacement contractor near you.

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