How To Repair Wooden Frame Glass Doors

You can make your wooden frame glass doors look much better if you do your part to maintain them. Perhaps the most vulnerable part of a glass door is where the glass meets the wood frame. This seam needs to be maintained to ensure that your window is air tight and that your glass pane is safe and secure. This article explains how to reinforce your glass door and secure the pane by recaulking it.

Scrape Away the Existing Caulk

First you want to scrape away all of the existing caulk. The best tool, that won't scratch the glass or wooden frame, is a painter's knife. This is just like a putty knife, except the blade has one pointed edge. You can use this to gouge out any caulk in the corner. You may also need to use a razor blade to cut away any caulk that is stuck to the wood. Be careful to not scratch the paint on the wood. On some older windows it will be very easy to remove the caulk because it will already be peeling away from the frame. You might also want to clean the frame and glass before you move forward. Any leftover residue on the glass can make the new caulk less effective.

Apply the New Caulk

You want to use a waterproof silicone caulk. Most caulk manufactures make special window formula that is meant for glass. You probably want your caulk to be about the same color as the actual frame, so try to find the closest match. The key to applying the caulk is to squeeze it deep into the frame. You want it to fill in the slot in the wood where the glass rests. Press the tip of the caulk deep into the corner and squeeze until the caulk starts to overflow and protrude. You won't be able to get a smooth caulk line with just the gun. You will need to use your finger to wipe away the excess caulk and make the line smooth. This step is also important because it push the caulk deeper in the frame and ensure that it has a strong hold on your glass.

For the best results, you should repeat this step on both sides of your glass door. This simple project could help make your wood frame glass door more energy efficient by eliminating air leakage.

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