Own A Historic Looking House ? Consider These 3 Things When Replacing Windows

One of the challenges of owning a historic looking house is doing upgrades. You could want to improve aspects of your house, but don't want to lose the historic charm that it has due to its original features that are still intact. While some upgrades are easy to perform without affecting the look of the home, like adding attic insulation, others are more difficult. This includes upgrading your home's windows, which can see some energy efficiency benefits if you made improvements. When it comes to windows, you should keep these things in mind if you want to replace them.

Try To Keep The Window's Original Trim

It's possible that your home uses windows that are a common size. If so, consider only replacing the window insert. This is the part of the window that contains the glass, and also allows the window to open and close. As long as the casement is in great shape, you can use this method to upgrade your windows.

This will be a great alternative to full window replacement when your home has custom trim or woodwork around the windows that you're looking to keep. The process is also very quick, with it being possible to replace all of your window inserts in a single visit.

Replace Only The Glass

If your windows are an odd size, there are still ways that you can improve their energy efficiency. You can have the inserts removed so that they can be professionally restored. The process involves replacing the glass with brand new glass that is energy-efficient. The insert can also be reconditioned if necessary. It's the best option if your goal is to preserve as many of the window's original features as possible, but don't want to replace the entire window.

Use Window Film

When you insist on leaving as much of the window as you can in its original state, there are still ways to improve energy efficiency that are not destructive. One way is to use window film. It can be placed on the glass as a way to cut down on the sunlight that enters the home, and acts as an additional barrier of insulation. The film is removable, so if you do not like it, then you can always go back to how the window once was.

If none of these options are acceptable to you, window replacement may be the only option. Contact a window installation company in your area to see what they can offer in terms of styles that closely resemble your old windows.

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