4 Ways To Keep Your Windows Clean Longer

After you have your windows cleaned, you want that crystal clear, smudge-free window to last. How can you keep your windows looking their best for as long as possible? Below, you will find a few tips that can help you preserve the cleanliness of your gleaming windows.

Eliminate the Screens

If you never actually open your windows, there is honestly no need to keep the screens in them. The screens can actually contribute to dirtying your windows. When it rains, the water is blown through the screen and lands on your windows. The dust that has settled on the screen is carried with the water onto the glass and dries there. This is where many of the dirty water spots come from when you have screens.

If you open your windows, make sure to take the time to clean your screens often. This can help reduce the amount of dirt that is carried with the water onto the glass and make the water spots a little less visible.

Pet Protection

Dog snouts and kitty paws can really make windows look terrible. One way to protect the windows that your pets tend to slop up is by covering them with a sheet of plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is easily put on and will quickly come off when your pets slop it up.

Instead of having to scrub and scrub to get the drool and paw prints off of the glass when company is coming, you simply remove the plastic wrap and give the window a quick wipe if needed.

Touch Ups

If you notice a fingerprint or smudge here and there between cleanings, you can quickly touch the window up with nothing more than a coffee filter and a bottle of white vinegar. Spritz the coffee filter with the vinegar and wipe off the imperfections. The vinegar will break down the oil and dirt and the coffee filter will get the residential window cleaning without any concern of lint being left behind.

Remove Old Mulch

If the windows around the areas that you have mulched are getting little black specks all over them, the mulch has likely become infested with Artillery Fungus. This fungus grows in older mulch and shoots tiny black spores several feet when it heats up in the sun. Those black specks on your glass are actually mold spores that will stain the window frame, the siding and can be very difficult to remove from glass.

Your windows can look great several weeks after they have been fully cleaned. Take the time to tend to them each week and it will be quite a while before you aren't seeing clearly anymore.

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