4 Stunning Window Treatments For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a personal space. Not only is it where you sleep, but it's also typically where you prepare to face the outside world. You probably want your bedroom to be as stylish as the rest of your home, and the window treatments are a good place to start. Choose beautiful window treatments that enhance your personal style.


If you're a nature enthusiast, consider eco-friendly window treatments with a naturalistic profile. Bamboo, matchstick and reed shades are all attractive draperies made from sustainable materials. They also tend to be neutral, making them an ideal backdrop for any décor. Pair the shades with linen or unbleached cotton curtain panels for a more finished window treatment. If you want to get creative, Better Homes and Gardens suggests painting a tree branch white and hanging this as your curtain rod for a truly nature-inspired effect.


If you have a favorite color, why not let it come through in the draperies? Start with sheer panels in the target color. Choose a sturdier fabric for the main curtain panels, and top these with a valance or cornice in the same color. Alternatively, you could utilize the same colors and fabrics in different curtain styles. For example, replace the sheer panels with Roman shades in the target color. Top smaller windows with just a valance, but layer the longer panels and valances over larger windows. Because the colors and fabrics are identical, the overall look remains cohesive.

Bold Patterns

Your bedroom is a space where you can get artistic, if so inclined. Let that show through in bold window treatments. Curtain panels, Roman shades and valances are all beautiful styles for showing off bold patterns. If you like a layered effect, pull a color out of the pattern for other parts of the window treatment. For example, flank Roman shades with monochromatic panels. You could even add a swag of the same color to highlight the pattern of the Roman shade. Another way to approach this style is to start with a monochromatic shade flanked by panels in the bold pattern.

Luxurious Materials

If you want your bedroom to feel like a boudoir, select luxurious materials for the window treatments. Start with a weighty curtain rod finished with decorative finials. From these, hang gorgeous curtain panels in silk, satin, velvet or other lavish material. You can keep the color neutral or go bold with a deep jewel tone. Since luxury materials tend to be heavier, hang understated sheer panels or shades for better light control.

Whether you fancy a luxurious boudoir or naturalistic escape, let your window treatments drive the style of your bedroom. For help picking out your window treatments, talk to a company like Snyders Shades & Shutters.

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