4 Benefits Of Residential Window Tinting

If you are considering the application of window tint to the windows of your home, you may not realize the benefits associated with darkened windows. Here are a few benefits offered by residential window tinting:

Less Faded Furniture

Unfiltered sunlight entering your living space can brighten your home, but it can also bleach your furnishings. Upholstered fabrics may lose their vibrancy over time. In addition, even carpets and rugs can start to look washed out and faded.

To avoid fading your furniture, you can darken your home with heavy curtains or you can use window tint. The curtains can make the rooms of your home look drab due to the reduction in light. In addition, the fabric of the drapes may also eventually fade as the material blocks the incoming sunlight. 

With tinted windows, the UV rays that are associated with fading are diminished. Window tint helps filter the ultraviolet light and uncomfortable glare that enters your home, while still allowing you living space to feel bright and airy. 

Better Skin Health

Your physician may have already advised you that too much exposure to sunlight can have an adverse effect on your skin. Skin that is regularly exposed to ultraviolet rays can become sunburned. In addition, the chance of skin cancer is increased.

Since window tint can screen out ultraviolet rays, your skin becomes less susceptible to damage. Thus, residential window tint can make your home a healthier environment for your skin.

Lowered Energy Costs

Just as you may feel cooler standing in the shade than you do in the sunlight, your home will feel cooler with window tint applied. The window tint provides a type of artificial shade for your living space. Much of the heat from direct sunlight is diminished. Consequently, your home's air conditioning system may not have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy costs.

Better Privacy

Tinted windows can also help provide additional privacy for your home. This can be especially important if you choose not to apply blinds or other window treatments to your windows. The dark, tinted windows are difficult for passersby to see through. However, views of the outside from inside your living space are still unobstructed, so you can enjoy beautiful views of your landscape. 

If you're interested in having window tint applied to the windows of your home, schedule a consultation with a window tint specialist in your area like Simply Cool USA.

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