Is Your Area Prone To Hurricanes? Know The Best Options To Protect Your Windows

If you are a homeowner in a part of the country where there is a high chance of seeing strong winds of hurricanes, you'll most likely be looking for ways to give your home added protection. Standard windows that have tempered glass are strong, with the process making the glass five to ten times stronger. Unfortunately, this is not enough strength to withstand the strong winds from a hurricane. In order to give your home proper protection, you will need to make sure your windows are ready for the strong winds a hurricane can bring.

Impact Windows

One of the best ways to protect your home is with impact windows. This special type of window is designed to handle the harsh weather, with a strong frame made out of metal, wood, or vinyl. It also has strengthened glass that is a large improvement over a standard window.

Even though the name of this window implies that it can resist all impacts, this simply not true. The windows can actually break in extreme conditions, but if they do, the window will hold together. The purpose is to prevent glass from flying into your home, which will leave an opening that can allow strong winds to ravage the inside of the house. Since the window does not require shutters or window covering to be effective, you do not have to worry about taking any additional actions prior to a storm.

There are also impact window variations that use both plastic and glass. The design will be very similar to how a windshield in a car works. The plastic layer helps contain the glass if it were to shatter.

Hurricane Shutters

While the old fashion solution to securing your windows was to attach boards to the outside, that is not the best looking or the most practical option. You would also need to store these large boards all year round, and then get them out of storage prior to a storm.

A more practical solution is to invest in hurricane shutters. There are multiple styles to pick from, which can range from a traditional shutter that swings shut and latches together, to a steel or aluminum variation that roll down to form a solid window covering.

If you decide that you need added protection against hurricanes, contact a local window company (like Bradenton Window & Allied Products or another location) to help you out. They'll start by coming to your home for a consultation, and provide pricing for different hurricane protection options. 

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