Technology Features To Install With Your New Windows

Has it been a long time since you replaced the windows in your home? If so, you will be amazed at the new options you have to choose from, especially when it comes to technology. There are a number of features you can install along with your new windows that increase privacy, security and offer a host of other benefits. Here are just some of the features you can choose from.

Privacy Glass

Enjoy the openness of large, uncovered windows, but still wish you could have some level of privacy? You can have the best of both worlds with Wi-Fi enabled privacy glass. For this feature, a thin, electrostatic film is installed over top the glass of your new windows.

Within the film is a small device that intercepts signals from your smartphone or remote. When activated, the glass turns from clear to opaque, allowing you to switch back and forth as you desire based on your privacy needs at the time.

Lock Controls

Opening a window is a great way to let in fresh air; however, if you forget to lock the window, you're also offering a way for an intruder to get easy access inside your home. Lock control window technology can help you boost security by alerting you when a window in your home is not locked.

This technology works through the use of sensors that are installed within the window. You can access the status of the windows over any Internet enabled device, even if you are away from home.

Animal Safety

Floor-to-ceiling windows are great for homeowners, but they can be dangerous for animals, particularly birds. Birds can easily fly into these large windows and seriously injury themselves, or even worse, sustain fatal injuries. There is animal safety technology that can help eliminate this problem.

With this feature, a clear, thin film is applied over the exterior side of the glass. Along the film is a patterned design that is only viewable to birds and not humans. The pattern serves as a deterrent that prevents the bird from continuing to fly into the windows and injuring themselves. Since the pattern is not viewable to humans, it won't at all alter the appearance of your windows.

When installing your new windows, don't overlook many of the unique technology features that can enhance the functionality of your windows. A window installation expert can help you choose which options are best suited for your needs.

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